Ran 7 miles today. This is with 2 imodium. Had to stop at 2.5 miles and again at 3 miles. After this I was fine. Just tired.

I have tried everything to fix this “problem” I have. Nothing is working. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Things I’ve tried:

Running in the morning – this is better but I still get sick

Running in the afternoon – this is a disaster as I have to stop twice in the first mile

1 imodium – this worked for a while

2 imodium – again this worked for a while

3 imodium – this didn’t work at all

Going to the bathroom just before I run – this doesn’t make ANY difference

Decreasing gluten

Increasing protein

Eliminating corn

Eating just before a run

Not eating anything before I run (morning run)

Going to doctor

-was told to decrease gluten, increase protein, yogurt, and salt.

  -was also told I need a colonoscopy and blood work done. Can’t do this until I get home because of insurance reasons.

I dont know what else to do.

Please Help!