Didn’t run today. I wanted to but it snowed all day and we are in a blizzard warning..also I didn’t feel right leaving Keli with all 3 kids so I could go run..she’s done something to her back and can barely move. She says it a muscle spasm and there’s nothing you can do? I don’t understand it but I do know she is in an immense amount of pain. She did take some muscle relaxers and went to bed early. I am keeping Tanika and I told her I would get up with Brayden. I haven’t let her do much of anything today other than watch Tanika when we went to playgroup but if I had known she was in that much pain I would have taken Tanika or stayed home. I did have to leave her with all of 3 of them for about 20 minutes while I went out and brought wood in and I could hear Brayden crying/screaming and her saying she couldn’t pick him up..made me feel bad for leaving her alone with them but I wasn’t about to let her go out and bring wood in. So that is why I didn’t run today-Keli’s back and this weather.