ok. so its been a LONG time since ive been on here. After leaving Canada I slowly stopped running. I say slowly because at first I ran and even did two 5ks but eventually I just quit. Ive tried here and there to pick it up again but ive never been able to get into the habit I had while I lived up there. So here I am trying again. I am in a totally different situation than I was when I used to write on here. Different country. Different job. School. Boyfriend. Hypothyroidism. Low iron. Narcolepsy. Yep, I have narcolepsy. This is partly why I have a hard time getting into that routine/habit. I rarely have any energy and I never know when im going to fall asleep. Since school started August 29 I had only run a mile once. My sister nagged me into doing a 5k this last weekend. I had planned on walking the whole thing but when we got there and I couldn’t feel my feet because I was so cold I decided I could run “just a little.” When I run I do it alone. Same when I race. I don’t want to carry on a conversation. I want to hear my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. This is my time alone and I like it this way. Well, my niece was running with me and wouldn’t shut up so I picked up my pace thinking she would either fall behind or not be able to talk. I was wrong. She talked the ENTIRE 3.1 miles. Even through her labored breathing. So because I had picked up my pace at the beginning I knew I was going to get a good time so I kept it up and ended up with 32 something. I don’t know what the seconds were because their website isn’t working. stupid. Next time I run a race (or just go for a run) I will be sure to do it ALONE! So now because I ran this 5k (thanks to my sister, I guess) I have rediscovered my passion for running and want to continue. I already mapped out a 3.1 mile route so I can beat that 32 minutes. Since running the 5k I feel different. Can’t say exactly what it is I just do. My boyfriend noticed too, said I sound happy and im “bubbly.” So well see how this goes. But I should really get to bed now, I just realized its 3:24am..thank god I don’t have class tomorrow!