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I’m Back!

ok. so its been a LONG time since ive been on here. After leaving Canada I slowly stopped running. I say slowly because at first I ran and even did two 5ks but eventually I just quit. Ive tried here and there to pick it up again but ive never been able to get into the habit I had while I lived up there. So here I am trying again. I am in a totally different situation than I was when I used to write on here. Different country. Different job. School. Boyfriend. Hypothyroidism. Low iron. Narcolepsy. Yep, I have narcolepsy. This is partly why I have a hard time getting into that routine/habit. I rarely have any energy and I never know when im going to fall asleep. Since school started August 29 I had only run a mile once. My sister nagged me into doing a 5k this last weekend. I had planned on walking the whole thing but when we got there and I couldn’t feel my feet because I was so cold I decided I could run “just a little.” When I run I do it alone. Same when I race. I don’t want to carry on a conversation. I want to hear my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. This is my time alone and I like it this way. Well, my niece was running with me and wouldn’t shut up so I picked up my pace thinking she would either fall behind or not be able to talk. I was wrong. She talked the ENTIRE 3.1 miles. Even through her labored breathing. So because I had picked up my pace at the beginning I knew I was going to get a good time so I kept it up and ended up with 32 something. I don’t know what the seconds were because their website isn’t working. stupid. Next time I run a race (or just go for a run) I will be sure to do it ALONE! So now because I ran this 5k (thanks to my sister, I guess) I have rediscovered my passion for running and want to continue. I already mapped out a 3.1 mile route so I can beat that 32 minutes. Since running the 5k I feel different. Can’t say exactly what it is I just do. My boyfriend noticed too, said I sound happy and im “bubbly.” So well see how this goes. But I should really get to bed now, I just realized its 3:24am..thank god I don’t have class tomorrow!



Whew! I’m tired! It’s been a looong day! On my own with all 3 kids all day and the boys are potty training (ugh!) they are not getting it! and they didn’t nap. so of course, no running for me today. wont get to all week. keli will be gone everyday getting donations for this benefit. I guess I could get up at 6 and run but I am NOT a morning person and then to be on my own with all 3 kids all day would be too much. Got to see what it means to “do calves” yesterday. Tried to learn how to “flip” them but i’m not strong enough so I just tackle them. I spent a lot of time on the ground and took a few dives through the mud. Also got my head ran into a pole. ouch.

Keli & Brayden


Me trying to “flip” a calf


A random picture of Tanika..isn’t she georgeous??

Me winning the 5k!

Biggest Loser Club Oyen 2010 (Those that showed up for the finale anyway)

Race Results

30th annual Medicine Hat Rattler Run

10k – Time – 58:32

Awesome Race!

Oh and I didn’t get sick!