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No running again today. This really sucks. As for that storm we were supposed to get…we didnt get it..until this morning that is. I got up this morning expecting to see lots of snow. Yeah- that didnt happen. It has now been snowing since yesterday morning, but it hasn’t amounted to much. The power went out at 11:15 this morning and just came back on 15 minutes ago. Keli insisted on driving herself to the doctor to get some more muscle relaxers..I told her Iwould drive her (she can barely move!) but she said she refused to take the kids out in this weather..she also refused to call anyone to come and drive her..stubborn..I told her Iwould be livid if she didn’t phone when she got there..she phoned..and I gave her strict intructions to phone when she was leaving..Damian woke up screaming..guess that means i’m done on here..better go get him..


Didn’t run today. I wanted to but it snowed all day and we are in a blizzard warning..also I didn’t feel right leaving Keli with all 3 kids so I could go run..she’s done something to her back and can barely move. She says it a muscle spasm and there’s nothing you can do? I don’t understand it but I do know she is in an immense amount of pain. She did take some muscle relaxers and went to bed early. I am keeping Tanika and I told her I would get up with Brayden. I haven’t let her do much of anything today other than watch Tanika when we went to playgroup but if I had known she was in that much pain I would have taken Tanika or stayed home. I did have to leave her with all of 3 of them for about 20 minutes while I went out and brought wood in and I could hear Brayden crying/screaming and her saying she couldn’t pick him up..made me feel bad for leaving her alone with them but I wasn’t about to let her go out and bring wood in. So that is why I didn’t run today-Keli’s back and this weather.

Not running

No running today. Wind is even worse than yesterday. Snow too. Power was out from 1am-12:30pm.